The U.S. to deploy military forces to Saudi Arabia, following raids on oil sites

The United States is disposing military troops to Saudi Arabia following Drones strikes claimed by Houthi rebels on major oil sites. “The president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defence,” U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced at a press conference.Esper told […]

Tunisia-CS Sfaxien suspend all sports activities until further notice

CS Sfaxien‘s governing body announced through its official website the effective suspension of all sports activities until further notice. The club statement stated several local people stormed the club‘s sports complex which generated disruption and absolute paralysis in the club scheduled activities. Previously, protesting CS Sfaxien  recent performance fans assailed the clubs sports complex and promptly demanded the administrative body to resign.

Tunisia- The Administrative Tribunal to examine presidential election appeals today

The administrative tribunal will look today into challenges filed by six former presidential nominees regarding the 2019 early presidential elections results, promptly confirmed the administrative tribunal official spokesman Imed Ghabri in an official statement to El Wataniya 1. Previously, The Administrative tribunal stated it had cordially received six appeals. The applicants who appealed are Seif Eddine Makhlouf, Hatem Boulabiar, Neji Jalloul, Slim Riahi, Abdelkarim Zbidi and Youssef Chahed.

Tunisia-64 SME received a budget of 138 million dinars, says Ministery of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises

A grand total of 294 institutions has submitted direct applications to benefit economically from the official line of staffing and support to the financial restructuring of SMEs”small and medium enterprises”  till September 17. 64 SME received approved funding of 138 million dinars, says Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises Slim Feriani. According to the Ministry of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, the government has properly established a economic plan to adequately support 600 SMEs over the elevated span of three years.

Tunisia-Insignia of Commander of Order of Republic awarded to European Investment Bank (EIB) president Ulrich H. Brunnhuber

President Mohamed Ennaceur awarded head of European Investment Bank (EIB) Ulrich H. Brunnhuber with the distinctive insignia of Commander of the Order of the Republic, during an official ceremony properly held at Carthage presidential palace. The honorary award comes as an official recognition to H. Brunnhuber‘s efforts to bolster collaboration between Tunisia and the EIB.

Tunisia-Former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to be buried today

Tunisia’s former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali will be buried in-Baqi’ cemetery at Medina today, reports say. Ben Ali’s son in law Rapper K2rhym expressed gratitude to Saudi Arabia, King Salman of Saudi Arabia and crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud for their support in an Instagram post. Adding that Saudi Arabi will […]

Video: Protests break out against Sisi across Egypt

Egyptian held demonstrations against the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the biggest marches since Sisi seized executive power. Local crowds gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday night and early on Saturday, demanding an end to Sisi‘s official rule. The protests arrive days after An Egyptian businessman and actor Mohamed Ali had published a set of videos this month denouncing President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of corruption. Ali requested on people to take to the streets on Friday to protest against the Sisi. Protests spread in Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast, Suez on the Red Sea as […]

Tunisia-Adnen Mansser accuses Youssef Chahed of trying to secure a deal with Nabil Karoui

Adnen Mansser a former leader in Al-Irada accused prime minister Youssef Chahed in a facebook post of valiantly attempting to promptly secure a favorable deal with Nabil Karoui by arranging him to be released from prison in personal exchange for his political support in the presidential elections.  Mansser further asserted that Chahed plan aimed to task Karoui of forming a government and politically isolate Kaïs Saïed if he secures the presidency.

Tunisia-HAICA inflict a fine of 100,000 dinars on El hiwar Ettounsi

The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication “HAICA” declared to have inflicted a financial fine of 100,000 dinars on El Hiwar Ettounsi following transgressions related to political advertising during the electoral period. The HAICA‘s ultimate decision comes following an exclusive interview conducted with Abdelkarim Zbidi. An interview that they deemed as an attempted to highlight and advertise the latter.

Tunisia-HAICA approves Tunisian television’s demand to hold a televised debate with Nabil Karoui

The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication “HAICA”  has promptly given its approval fo the Tunisian Television to allow presidential nominee Nabil Karoui the opportunity to participate in a presidential debate and to properly address the local electorate. HAICA addresses official correspondence to judicial authorities to seek media access for Nabil Karoui to allow his direct participation either through a recording, or live broadcasts from his cell.

Tunisia- Youssef Chahed: A road to Carthage without a party backing won’t accomplish anything

Guesting on Mosaique FM’s Midi show,Tahya Tounes candidate for the early presidential elections and prime minister Youssef Chahed stated that when he was running for the presidency he retained a broad prepared program under his built.Indicating  the  need to combine an extensive active participation in the presidential and legislative elections which will enable to implement projects and programs effectively. He further asserted that anyone that intends to run for presidency needs a party support otherwise he won’t be capable to achieve anything.

Tunisia-Youssef Chahed invites Abdelkarim Zbidi to turn the page on presidential elections

Tahya Tounes candidate for the early presidential elections and prime minister Youssef Chahed called upon defence minster Abdelkarim Zbidi to turn the page on presidential elections in order unite the democratic family and install dynamic stability within the Parliament. Guesting on Mosaique FM’s  Midi show, Chahed confirmed that there is a plausibility to establish a well-balanced and effective parliament during the upcoming legislative elections.

Tunisia-Mounir Baatour: “I support Nabil Karoui and declare that I will be his attorney to put an end to the state of injustice”

Defender of LGBTIQ rights and Liberal Party leader Mounir Baatour announced through his Facebook his official support for presidential nominee Nabil Karoui. Through an official announcement released on Facebook, Baatour stated he visited Nabil Karoui in jail. The presidential nominee requested Baatour for his defence, in which Baatour accepted.

Second case of Polio confirmed in the Philippines

The Philippines has promptly announced the second case of polio in a 5-year-old boy from Laguna. This comes promptly a day after the DOH” The Department of Health” detected the first case in a 3-year-old girl from Lanao del Sur. The girl was paralyzed as a direct consequence. Formerly, The Philippines proclaimed an outbreak of […]

Tunisia-Algerian police confiscate military weapons smuggled from Tunisia

Algerian police promptly seized military weapons smuggled from Tunisia in El Ogla in the east of the country. The smuggled weapons compromises of three shotguns, a gun-type magnum and pistol calibre 9 mm. The seized weapons were smuggled from Libya, officials further detained 3 individuals during the operation, reported Mosaïque FM.

Tunisia- President Mohamed Ennaceur receives Prime Minster Youssef Chahed

President Mohamed Ennaceur received Prime Minster Youssef Chahed at Carthage Palace. The meeting officially discussed the country general situation and the conduct of the electoral process. During the official meeting, Ennaceur adequately expressed his deep consideration for the earnest endeavours properly exercised by the local government to guarantee the steady execution of the first qualifying round of the early presidential elections. The President emphasised the practical necessity to further accommodate the best circumstances to satisfactorily complete the forthcoming […]

Tunisia- Imed Ben Halima: We will challenge electoral results if Nabil Karoui isn’t released

In an official interview to “Tunisie Numérique” member of Nabil Karoui defence team and local politician, Imad Ben Halima positively affirmed that they would challenge electoral results if Nabil Karoui isn’t released. Halima properly attributed the step due to unequal opportunities between his client and Saïed. He further added that Karoui defence team was collecting credible evidence to showcase that his client case is political. Halima also called on judges to arbitrate their moral conscience in the case and to stay away from political inducements. 

Tunisia-The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women condemns “flagrant attack” on lawyers

The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women strongly condemned what they described as a “flagrant attack” on lawyers in the court of the first instance headquarters. The association deemed that the evident unwillingness to promptly initiate an earnest inquiry into the official file of “Secret service, despite its severity only manifests the misapplications of the judicial system in especial favour of political parties. The association further affirmed its affective commitment to unveil the ultimate truth, additionally, they requested the judiciary to adequately demonstrate its functional independence by shielding the judicial system from all forms of political employment […]

Tunisia-The Association of Tunisian Magistrates calls for an open strike starting today

The Association of Tunisian Magistrates “AMT”  has called upon all courts to begin a general strike starting Friday, September 20, 2019. The AMT requested an official inquiry on Thursday’s notable incidents at the Palace of Justice in Tunis, promptly asking for the prosecution of anyone whose embroilment is positively confirmed. Also, the Board of the association condemned the storming by some official members of the defence lawyers representative of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi in the local […]