Tunisia-Habib Jemli: The government will be based on Efficiency and integrity regardless of political affiliation

The new commissioned prime minister Habib Jomli declared that the upcoming government will be formed based on the principles of Efficiency and integrity  regardless of political affiliation. Habib Jomli vowed to do everything feasible to recognise a common action program without any restrictions on any party.He also expressed that he is counting on the participation […]

Tunisia- [Audio] Abdelmajid Ezzar: The priorities of the current phase are programs and this is our message to Habib Jemli

In an official statement to Tunisie Numérique, President of the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries Abdelmajid Ezzar affirmed that their primary objective is the interest of Tunisia. He stressed the need to congratulate Habib Jemli on his appointment and invited him to starts consultations and negotiations with various parties for the best interest of […]

Tunisia-Tunisia knocks down Libya 4-1 in African Cup qualifying

Tunisia defeated Libya 4-1 to inaugurate African Cup of Nations qualifying with a booming victory. Saif-Eddine Khaoui and Wahbi Khazri each scored twice to triumph Tunisia on top of Group J on goals scored from Tanzania. Libya’s Hamdou El Houni scored his team only goal at 45 minutes.

Saudi Arabia-30 years for Saudi officials accused of corruption

Five local officials implicated of financial and administrative exploitation in Saudi Arabia have been sentenced to 32-year in prison by the Kingdom’s public prosecution office and were penalised a total of SR9 million. The prosecution discovered 300 pieces of sufficient critical evidence against the principal offenders and personal funds in their bank accounts were confiscated. One of the officials was cited for receiving bribes, committing forgery, and operating his office to settle especial favours. He was issued a 12-year prison sentence and penalised more than SR1 million. Charges against […]

Tunisia-UGTT condemns Israel Assaults on Gaza Strip

The Tunisian General Labour Union fiercely denounced the Israeli occupation attacks on Gaza Strip which left 34 martyrs and wounded many. In an issued statement, the Union revealed that this fierce attack exposes once again the criminal and bloody reality of this entity, promptly asking all forces of democracy in the world to universally condemn this aggression and push ahead toward boycotting and promptly stopping this racist occupying entity. Moreover, the Union requested the Tunisia government to demand an urgent meeting in the security council and propose a condemning […]

Tunisia-Al Karama: The Democratic Current and People’s Movement obliged Ennahda to ally with Heart of Tunisia

Al Karama deputy Abdel Latif Aloui asserted that The Democratic Current and People’s Movement coerced Ennahda movement to ally itself with Heart of Tunisia after the  two-movements refused to ally with the Islamic party and asked for unfair requirements. He further confirmed that the alliance between the Islamic party and Heart of Tunisia is only […]

Tunisia-Sami Fehri released from prison

The investigating judge of the economic and financial Division commanded the official release of Tunisian entrepreneur and founder of the private Tunisian channel “Ettounissia TV Sami Fehri, the insolvency administrator of Cactus Prod. and the company‘s executive manager, announced spokesman of the financial division Sufiene Sliti . Despite their libration, a travel ban decision for 12 implicated in the case of fraud in the company will nevertheless be in effect.The Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed against the inspecting judge‘s judicial ruling, positively asserting the investigating judge had initiated an inquiry against 12 persons for offences of money […]

Tunisia-President Kais Saied commissions Youssef Chahed with leading caretaker government

President Kais Saied officially commissioned prime minister Youssef Chahed with the leading caretaker government until the formation of the new cabinet and acquiring the trust of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR). During the meeting at Carthage presidential palace, the president of the Republic emphasised the necessity to maintain the government in order to guarantee […]

Tunisia-The United Nations donate tablet computers to deputies

Press Officer in the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Hassen Fathalli affirmed that the United Nations have generously donated tablet computers for newly elected deputies. In an official statement to Mosaïque FM, Fathalli justly remarked that these tablets are assigned to parliamentary work and properly incorporate all the necessary data related to work.

Tunisia-President Kais saied receives Rached Ghannouchi

President Kais saied received Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and Ennahdha party leader Rached Ghannouchi at Carthage presidential palace. Ghannouchi formally submitted the head of state with his party formal choice for the post of head of a government.

Tunisia-Water cut in Kerkennah

The National Water Distribution Utility has stated that water supply to many areas in Kerkennah  at  Sfax Governorate will be interrupted due to the transfer of the remaining part of the main water supply pipeline (diameter 200 mm) from Kerkennah Island to the new Ouled Yangui bridge which is currently being built. The Affected areas include Ouled […]

Tunisia-Ennahda offered the democratic current to vote for Ghannouchi in exchange of appointing Ghazi Chaouachi as First Vice-President of the HPR

In an official statement to Tunisie Numérique, a credible source from the democratic current positively asserted that Ennhdha carefully conducted numerous and extensive negotiations with various political parties despite not trusting any of them.  The same source added that the Islamic party offered to vote for the secretary-general of the democratic current Ghazi Chaouachi as First Vice-President of the HPR in direct exchange of acquiring the current votes for Rached Ghannouchi for the post of Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People. However, the democratic current steadfastly refused the exclusive deal […]

Tunisia-Tunisia reaffirms its support for the Palestinian cause

 In commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the announcement of the Palestinian State, Tunisia confirmed it’s firm and steadfast support of the Palestinian cause and its continuous assistance to the brotherly Palestinian people in their continued effort to regain their rightful rights, prominently the right to establish an independent State with Al Quds Al-Sharif “Jerusalem” […]

Tunisia-Unemployment rates reaches 15.1 % in Tunisia

  Despite the return of growth, unemployment rates reached 15.3 % with around 628.3 thousand unemployed individuals according to recent indicators of employment and unemployment published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). The unemployment percentage dropped slightly opposed to the second quarter of 2019 which registered 15.3 % compared to 15.5% of last year. […]

Tunisia- Free access for Tunisia and Libya match

The Tunisian Football Federation (FTF) has decided to allow free access for sports fans for the much-anticipated match between Tunisia and Libya. The access will be confined to the “Virages” and “Pelouses” areas. The match will be held on Friday, 15th November 2019, in Rades Stadium at 8:00 pm local time.

Algeria’s presidential election campaign to kick-off

The Algerian presidential election campaign is set to kick off on Sunday, announced President of Algerian Independent Election Monitoring Authority Mohamed Chorfi. He asserted that they have enlisted all required resources to secure the steady running of the presidential election campaign before voting starts on Dec. 12. Moreover, the body displayed dedication to fair and […]

Tunisia-Ras Jedir border crossing reopens in both directions

Tunisia-Libya border crossing of Ras Ajdir reopened after it’s closed due to a malfunction in the passport control system on the Libyan side. Movement in both sides of the border resumed its natural pace after fixing the system failure.Families were stranded for hours following the malfunction.

Tunisia-President Kais Saied meets a delegation from civil society in Gafsa

President Kais Saied received a delegation from civil society in Gafsa at Carthage presidential palace. The meeting shed light on protests observed in Gafsa, phosphate production and the need to repair the railway. Saied stressed the need to adopt a  national approach to find a solution for these urgent affairs. He estimated the necessity to further […]