Brigadier General Shukri Jabri explains new benefits for Tunisians living abroad [video]

The law permitting the importation of a second car as part of the final return of citizens abroad was recently signed into law, by Chapter 24 of the Finance Law for the year 2024. This was communicated by Brigadier General Shukri Jabri, the official spokesman for the General Administration of Customs and Head of the Operations Sub-Department of the Customs Guard Administration, today, Friday, June 21, 2024.

In a statement to Tunisie Numerque, Brigadier General Jabri noted that Order No. 370 of 2024 was issued in the Official Gazette, relating to fixing tax benefits for Tunisians living abroad and the conditions for granting them. He said that the new provisions include the allowance for citizens abroad to import personal belongings worth 5,000 dinars every year instead of the previous 2,000 dinars upon temporary return.

Additionally, in the event of a final return, the value of furniture allowed for importation has been increased to 50 thousand dinars instead of 30 thousand dinars. As for the FCR (Franchise en Douane), the new regulation allows for it to be utilized every ten years instead of only once previously, provided that the required conditions are met.

Brigadier General Shukri Al-Jabri also mentioned that among the new measures is the possibility of importing tourist cars, motorcycles, and cars for professional use, provided that their weight does not exceed 3.5 tons. Furthermore, the number of days citizens abroad can reside in Tunisia has been increased to 183 days instead of 120.

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