Exclusive- [Audio]: Beirut bride recounts to Tunisie Numérique horrors of wedding day blast

: Beirut bride recounts to Tunisie Numérique horrors of wedding day blast" ]

Shining in a long white gown and veil, 29-year-old Lebanese bride Israa Seblani stands beaming and posing for her wedding video. The scene is shattered by a deafening roar, and a powerful shockwave nearly blows her off her feet.
In an exclusive interview granted to Tunisie Numérique, Doctor Israa Seblani recounted the day that would change her life and that of Lebanon  For the young bride, many thoughts crossed her mind at the moment of the blast, in less than seconds she asked herself “Israa this is the day that you been planing of all life and its vanishing like the people and the glass from its framework at the time of blast? “Your life has ended? You will lose your life and your husband. After sighting, Israa tells us how much she desired to see her family again at that moment and hold their hand.
After the blast, the couple took refuge in a restaurant from the shattered glass that flew everywhere. In a moment the young bride though and worries went to the people around her asking herself how can she help since she is a doctor “My job is to help people” Dr Erraa says. I Choose medicine to help people and to contribute to the world, she added.

She landed help to the wounded while waiting to exit the restaurant and return home.


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