Four young women sign 100% Tunisian feat: An intelligent wheelchair


After the development of a robot specialized in security and light aircraft, another 100% Tunisian technical feat has been accomplished. This time, it is the work of four young women engineers. They have developed and created a wheelchair controlled by thought, voice, and even facial expressions. This innovative invention pledges to provide considerable assistance to individuals with motor disabilities. Their groundbreaking work has earned them a place in the final of a prestigious European innovation competition and accolades from the France24 news channel.


Khaoula Ben Ahmed, co-founder of Gewinner, said: “The idea is to develop technology that permits people with reduced mobility to control their wheelchairs without even moving their hands. Even if they don’t talk or their voice is not very clear they can still move their wheelchairs using their thoughts or facial expressions.

“Focus to move forward, blink your eyes to move forward, a few simple commands transmitted to this tablet formatted by artificial intelligence to control the chair. A project which aims not only to restore a certain autonomy to individuals living with disabilities but also to improve their mental health,” says the report from the French channel. “Psychologically it is extremely hard to be dependent on someone,” added the co-founder of the company.

“An idea which earned them a place among the finalists for the Young Inventors Prize of the European Patent Office. The prizes are awarded at the start of July and this innovation could win up to 20,000 euros. The jury was also touched by the personal aspect of the project,” comments France 24…

“I had my uncle who had a disability, who had health problems and he had to employ a wheelchair to be able to move. He was unfortunately totally dependent, so the need was really before my eyes,” confides another inventor.

“The start-up will soon deliver its first four equipped chairs to an association which assists people with disabilities in the city of Sousse, in the east of Tunisia,” concludes the report.

See you on July 9 in Malta to find out if the four Tunisian engineers will win the First Prize. But they have already won for the service they have rendered to humanity, for the honour they have done to their country, Tunisia, about which we will talk even more in the four corners of the world and that has not no price.

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