Iraqi PM Kadhimi threatens to quit if political standoff persists

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi has threatened to “vacate his post” if the complicated political standoff in Iraq is not resolved.

His remarks were in reaction to violence in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone that left at least 30 people dead and wounded hundreds more.

“I caution and warn against those who continue to sow the seeds of chaos, conflict and infighting, and who refuse to listen to the voice of reason,” l Kadhimi said.

“Should they continue in this path, I will take the moral and patriotic decision to vacate my position according to Article 81 of the Constitution and hold them accountable to the Iraqi people and the history books.

“I have never been a party to or part of the problem. I was patient with all kinds of abuse, obstruction and the declared war from all sides to weaken the state of Iraq.”




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