Job: 10 most frequently asked questions during job interview and their optimal answers

Job interviews frequently have a typical set of questions. It is wise to prepare your answers in advance. An essential piece of advice: be concise and precise in your answers. When confronted with a complex question, stay calm, avoid being defensive and think carefully before answering.
It is noteworthy to note that the answers suggested below are examples. Personalize your responses as much as possible.
Question: Tell us more about yourself.
Answer: Select your fundamental qualities and learn them by heart. Speak about your qualifications, professional experience and skills, highlighting those that are most relevant to the position.
Q.: Can you cite examples of professional success?
A: Think about a recent career success. Detail the skills employed and measure the benefits brought to the company. For example: “My most significant accomplishment was developing and implementing a new sales management system, completed before the deadline. This has remarkably improved our cash flow”
Q.: Are you satisfied with your professional career?
A: This question explores your confidence, satisfaction and professional ambitions. Answer in the affirmative, clarifying what has made you happy in your career so far. If you feel a certain stagnation, qualify your answer.
Q: What is the toughest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
A: The purpose is to comprehend how you define difficulty and your ability to solve problems. Select a difficult work situation that is not your fault and explain it briefly. Describe how you identified the problem, assessed your options, made a decision, and the outcome you achieved. Always conclude positively.
Q.: What do you like about your current position?
A: Simple answer. Make sure what you like relates to the skills required for the new position. Voice your enthusiasm in a measured way, without exaggerating.
Q: What aspects of your current job do you like less?
A: Approach this question with vigilance. Avoid details that could reveal potential weaknesses. You might cite an aspect of your current business, such as its size or slow decision-making processes.
Q: What are your main qualities?
A: An important question for which you must be prepared. Direct the discussion towards your main strengths. Name three or four key skills (speed of learning, determination, positivity, ability to bring people together, etc.) and be ready to illustrate your points with tangible examples.
Q: What is your main weakness?
A: Avoid pretending to have no weaknesses, this could backfire on you. You have two choices: mention a lack of experience (not essential for the position) or a weakness which can be seen as a strength, clarifying how you work there. Example: “I know I can be perceived as demanding – I am learning to motivate more through encouragement. »
Q: Why do you want to leave your current job?
A: Explain that you are looking for new challenges, more responsibilities, learning opportunities and a change of environment. Avoid negative remarks about your current job or employer.
Q: Why did you apply for this position?
A: Show that the position matches your skills, aspirations and interests. Show your understanding of the role and the company, and highlight what appeals to you most about this opportunity.

By preparing personalized answers to these frequently asked questions, you will be better equipped to succeed in your job interview.

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