Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)



  • Russia is waging a terrorist war against the civilian population of Ukraine.Russian troops are attacking Ukrainian civilian objectswith drones and missiles. They target medical institutions, violating all the laws and customs of war.
  • This is a war crime for which all those involved – from Putin to the last pilot and drone operator – will be held responsible.Terrorist attacks will not go unpunished.
  • The enemy will not be able to break the will of Ukrainians. With their terror, Russia only strengthens the hatred of the Ukrainian people.




  • Intensive air attacks by Russia, in particular, on Kyiv, are a sign of the Kremlin’s panic. Russia is squandering its entire arsenal, including its most advanced missiles, in an effort to exhaust Ukraine’s air-defence.
  • Heroic guards of the sky neutralize the vast majority of deadly missiles and drones. Modern Western complexes used by Ukrainian air-defence are already showing their advantage over Russian systems.
  • Russia has already lost the technological competition. Western air-defence systems effectively counter all Russian missiles and drones.



  • On May 30, unknown drones were spotted southwest of Moscow, some of them caused minor damage to the infrastructure.It is unknown who exactly launched the drones.Presumably, these were the forces of resistance to the Putin regime within Russia.The drone attack was aimed at the places of residence of the “elite” of Russia, which caused a clear approval among ordinary Russians.
  • The war unleashed by the Kremlin against Ukraine is returning to Russia. The Russian air-defence is not ready to defend its skies because its air-defence systems are used for missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and villages.
  • The Kremlin has no moral right to talk about “terrorism” after it launched a terrorist campaign against Ukrainian cities and villages, having killed hundreds of civilians.



  • Russian aggression has caused enormous losses to Ukraine, and all Russian assets abroad can compensate for only part of these losses.
  • At least EUR 300 bln of Russian assets has been seized in Western countries. Polish President Andrzej Duda proposed to transfer these funds to Ukraine
  • The decision of the USA Attorney General to transfer the confiscated assets of the Russian oligarch Malofeyev for the reconstruction of Ukraine is the first such precedent and an example for other countries to follow.

Source: Ukrainian embassy in Tunisia 


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