Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)


  • The U.S. and Germany relaxed restrictions on the use by Ukraine of weapons, provided by them, for military targets on russian territory. Ukraine is grateful to these foreign partners, which supported the decision of the other 13 countries to allow the use of Western weapons on Russian territory. The U.S. and Germany are the main donors of weapon for Ukraine, so their decision is key to increasing the Ukraine’s Defence Forces capabilities.
  • Ukraine has the full right to strike enemy targets on the aggressor’s territory in accordance with international norms. It is an urgent necessity for the defence of Kharkiv city. During the war, Ukraine proved itself as a responsible, predictable and reliable partner that never abused the trust of its partners.



  • For Ukraine, this war is just, defensive, for the liberation of its territories and people, for the preservation of independence. For Russia, this war is criminal, aggressive, genocidal, and senseless. Losses of personnel of the aggressor’s troops already exceed half a million people.
  • On June 2, in Kharkiv region, 60 occupiers immediately surrendered. Capture is often the only way to survive for Russian soldiers who are thrown into “meat assaults” by Russian regime.
  • Even in the conditions of totalitarianism, relatives, of mobilized Russians, go to protests, and demand that the men will be returned home from the war. Russian propaganda is trying to disrupt the mobilization in Ukraine, hiding the scale of the problems in Russia itself.

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