Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)


  • Russian offensive in the north of the Kharkiv region did not achieve the results expected by Putin. The invaders are beginning to lose their advantage.

  • The ‘’window of opportunity’’ for a Russian breakthrough closed after the resumption of Western military aid to Ukraine. Russian strategy of exhausting the Ukrainian forces is expensive and bloody for the Russian army itself.

  • Today, the rate of losses for the aggressor is the highest during a full-scale war. The rate of mobilization in Russia can solve the issue of compensation for high losses, but not the creation of new striking groups for large-scale offensives in several directions at the same time.


  • The Global Peace Summit will be held in Switzerland on June 15-16. The Peace Summit is the most important diplomatic event during the entire Russian-Ukrainian war. The Summit agenda is aimed at achieving a long-term just peace, not a temporary truce with the aggressor. The Summit should reaffirm the global majority’s commitment to state sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, as well as the restoration of a just and lasting peace for Ukraine based on the UN Charter and international law. More and more states are expressing support for the Peace Summit.

  • In Russia, such a positive dynamic sparks hysteria. Russia is scared of the summit because it is not interested in peace. Moscow is also afraid that the summit will shatter Russia’s myth that only Europe and North America support Ukraine, while the rest of the world stands with Russia. Putin seeks to disrupt the summit by discrediting it in public and behind closed doors, claiming it is insignificant, and attempting to persuade countries not to participate at all or attend at the lowest possible level.

  • Russia is most actively attempting to influence countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. All sovereign states that adhere to international law should reject such blackmail and remain on the right side of history.


  • On June 13, during the G7 Summit in Italy, Ukraine signed new security agreements with Japan and the United States. Security agreements with the U.S. and Japan are concluded for 10 years and provide for cooperation in the fields of defence and security, economic recovery and reforms, humanitarian, financial and technical assistance to Ukraine etc.

  • This is the strongest agreement between Ukraine and the U.S. in all 33 years of Ukraine’s independence. It brings bilateral relations to the level of a true alliance. In particular, it provides for the strengthening of the air defence of Ukraine and the provision of fourth-generation jet fighters. As part of the security agreement with Japan, Ukraine will receive $4.5 billion in financial aid. Such a type of agreement and such a level of support are unprecedented for Japan.

  • Since the beginning of 2024 Ukraine has already signed 17 bilateral security agreements.

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