Ukraine Peace Summit: Declarations and Challenges


  • On June 16, the inaugural Peace Summit ended in Switzerland. The Peace Summit was successful, all fundamental positions for Ukraine were included in the joint declaration signed by 78 countries and 4 international organizations. The Declaration is open to accession by any state or international organization that respects the UN Charter and international law.

  • The participants agreed that Ukrainian nuclear power plants must operate safely and securely under the full sovereign control of Ukraine. Nuclear blackmail is unacceptable. Food security must not be weaponized in any way. Ukrainian agricultural products should be securely and freely provided to interested third countries. All prisoners of war must be released by complete exchange. All deported and unlawfully displaced Ukrainian children and all other Ukrainian civilians who were unlawfully detained must be returned to Ukraine.

  • The UN Charter, including the principles of respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, is the basis for achieving a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Ukraine. The second Peace Summit will be convened within the next few months.


  • On June 14, Russian dictator Putin outlined his own ‘’peace terms’’. Putin once again resorted to false and manipulative statements to mislead the international community. All the ultimatums voiced by Putin have been heard many times from Moscow, and there is nothing new in these statements. Demands to give away captured territories to the occupiers, to approve annexation and to waive collective security guarantees are groundless and absolutely unacceptable.

  • By creating an informational pretext on the eve of the Peace Summit, the Russian dictator sought to prevent the participation of country leaders in this event, undermine diplomatic efforts aimed at achieving a just peace, and split the unity of the world majority regarding the goals and principles of the UN Charter.

  • None of Putin’s assurances are trustworthy. During the ten years of the war, Russia thwarted absolutely all real initiatives to achieve peace in which it was involved. Only consolidated international pressure on the aggressor can force Moscow to fulfil its obligations.

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