Sami Fehri gives ammunition to Abir Moussi against the Muslim Brotherhood: The “Orfi” marriage

PDL addressed in a press release the issue of polygamy and Orfi marriage following the broadcast of the episode of the soap opera Bara’a on the El Hiwar Ettounssi channel. The party recollected that the Tunisian Personal Code forbids polygamy and Orfi marriage and inflicts prison sentences against the spouse in question in addition to nullifying the marriage, specifying that this sort of subject should no longer be the subject of discussion.

These practices jeopardise the acquisitions of Tunisian women according to the same press release and have already been fixed since 1956. The statement reported that the soap opera pinpointed phenomena that have characterised their presence since the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Tunisia in 2011 alluding to the Ennahdha Movement. Attributing the accountability for the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the various segments of the country to the State, the party accused its latter of desiring to operate brainwashing against young people and women with a view to convincing them to deny the principles of the Personal Status Code.

Ir condemned the laxity of the supervisory authorities during the last “black” decade in the face of this kind of practice which has multiplied and which threatens the structure of Tunisian society. The PDL believed that the scenes broadcast from the series in question highlight the necessity to ring the alarm bell in the face of the situation of Tunisian women who must become aware of the humiliation to which they may be subjected with the climb of forces obscurantists in decision-making positions. The party called on Tunisian women to safeguard their rights and preserve the gains they had made since independence. The PDL restated its determination to defend the Personal Status Code and to face any attempt to violate women’s rights.

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