Somali-Canadian activist Almaas Elman Ali shot dead

The Somali government declared that Somali-Canadian human rights activist and diplomat activist Almaas Elman Ali was shot dead in the capital city of Mogadishu.
Almaas Elman Ali, who came from a leading family of peace campaigners, was driving by car inside the massively fortified airport compound when she was hit.
“She was riding in a car along a road inside the airport,” said Mohamed Omar, a Somali security official. “A stray bullet hit her, and she died within a few minutes.”

Ali, who had dual Somali and Canadian citizen, is assumed to have been tending a meeting for the Elman Peace centre, founded in 1990 by her father, Elman Ali Ahmed.

Ms. Elman was the daughter of Elman Ali Ahmed, a pioneering peace activist who himself was gunned down in Mogadishu in 1996. Amnesty International said at the time that his murder “sent a chilling message to Somalis desirous of peace and normality — that no one is safe.

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