Terrible for Algerian and Moroccan passports: they are falling in world rankings, with France leading…

As of January 11, attention was drawn to the significant performance of the Tunisian passport in comparison to its neighbours, especially Algeria and Morocco, based on the Henley Passport Index. Nevertheless, the latest ranking by the British firm Henley & Partners indicates a drop in the standing of Algerian and Moroccan travel documents.

In the February update, both countries have fallen 5 positions from the January 2024 rankings. The Algerian passport now ranks 91st globally, permitting visa-free access to 56 countries, primarily within Africa. Morocco fares slightly better, positioned 76th worldwide, with 71 destinations accessible without a visa, though it encounters considerable restrictions in Europe.

Conversely, France, alongside Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Singapore, occupies the top tier of the index. Citizens of these countries enjoy visa-free entry to 194 out of 227 possible destinations, leading the list of the world’s most powerful passports.

France, in particular, has seen an advancement in its ranking compared to 2023, making the French passport even more valuable and sought-after. Despite economic challenges, the standing of the French passport on the Henley Passport Index remains unshaken, underscoring the significance of travel freedom for business, leisure, and international cooperation.


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