Tunisia-Ukraine Ambassador to Tunisia : African-Ukrainian Relationship:We don’t want African countries to suffer as Ukrainians suffered from famine and drought

Tunisie Numérique had the honour to conduct an exclusive interview with Ukraine’s ambassador to Tunisia Mr Volodymur Khomanets.

During the interview, Mr Khomanets shed the light on the African-Ukrainian relationship. He expressed they don’t want African countries to suffer as Ukrainian suffered and now suffering because of Russian aggression.

He pointed out that the “Grain from Ukraine initiative” devoted to supporting African countries is a practical approach and help from Ukraine with the support of international partners.”We will deliver Ukrainian grain to African countries which could suffer from famine and drought, this initiative will be continued in more and more countries in Africa “, he said.

He further asserted that the Ukrainian grain will be delivered to African countries which could suffer from famine and drought, this initiative will be continued and cover more and more countries in Africa.

“In the mass media sphere, we are just telling the truth to undermine Russian propaganda, because the truth is a really powerful peaceful weapon for Ukrainian diplomacy”, he adds

Ukraine launched the Grain from Ukraine scheme to get food to Africa’s poorest countries. The scheme is being organised by a mix of government entities, NGOs and private corporations. Ukraine president Zelenskiy said he was launching the programme on the anniversary of the Holodomor, when millions of Ukrainians starved to death in a man-made famine from 1932-33. The programme is being backed by a new international coordination group for the prevention of hunger.


Mr Khomanets also affirmed that Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is planning to visit a number of African countries next year, he already toured some African counties this year

He further announced that the Ukraine -Africa summit which will take place next year will be a very big conference that will show how Ukraine develop bilateral relations with African countries, adding that Ukraine counts on the support of countries from Africa.

He likewise expressed happiness with a number of countries from Africa which voted in support of UN resolutions against the  Russian aggression in Ukraine, this number is increasing so it is very powerful proof of how Ukrainian policy which uses trust and mutually beneficial relations with African countries really works.

The entire interview will be published later…

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