Tunisa-Ukraine Ambassador to Tunisia : Ukrainian diaspora in Tunisia

Tunisie Numérique had the honour to conduct an exclusive interview with Ukraine’s ambassador to Tunisia Mr Volodymyr Khomanets.

Asked about the Ukrainian diaspora in Tunisia, Mr Khomanets said that more than 2000.

 “2000 Ukrainians citizens live here and first of all I ‘m very happy that they are here because I see their faces they feel here like at home and me as ambassador my embassy’s team care about them, and they are very patriotic they support Ukraine now in different approach financially providing humanitarian aid, we just transfer that to Ukraine as soon as possible, and they are really united now you can see on our embassy’s webpage how they are really active,” said the Mr Khamantes.

“They are sending from here from Tunisia from African continent from this climatic warm country their warm hearts to motherlands to their relatives to support their Ukrainian soldiers to support Ukrainian society, especially now in this winter time when the temperature in Ukraine below zero but with such kind of support from Ukrainian diaspora particularly from Tunisia we are more and more strong in Ukraine” he adds.

He pointed to the non-stop support received from Tunisian people who know Ukraine not only from the Ukrainian diaspora but also because they studied and visited Ukraine as a tourist and because more and more Ukrainian are very popular everywhere including Tunis.

He stressed the need to use this popularity to attract support from every person in the world and from Tunisia.

He further pointed to receiving many calls for nine months since the beginning of the war, calls on how to support Ukraine in addition to receiving financial aid, humanitarian and medications.

He said that from time to time Tunisians bring flowers to the  Ukrainian embassy and put it beside the Ukrainian flag, considered a  sign of support.

He also talked about a man who bought a pot of honey despite not being rich, something that came from the bottom of his heart.

The entire interview will be published later…


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