Tunisia-2022 finance bill “forgets” the abolition of cars and official housing and boosts the price of alcohol

By:Mohamed Ben Abderrazek

 It is natural that the officials who prepared the 2022 finance bill, of which Tunisie Numérique was able to obtain a copy, forget to present, in the labyrinth of the provisions of this project, measures to curb the excessive cost of 2 billion dinars per year of official accommodation and luxury administrative cars since they use them with total peace of mind.
By the way, the project which was developed without any autonomous control and which will be issued on the basis of Presidential Decree 117/2021 did not present any measures allowing to concretize the austerity policy advocated by President of the Republic Kais Saied. Better yet, no measures have been taken to encourage investment by the diaspora, which saved foreign exchange reserves in 2021.
Moreover, the catastrophic trade agreement with the Turks will be maintained and all gains in kind, advancements and promotions of officials will be “saved.” In short, we are confronted with a 2022 finance bill with a very bitter taste for the “July 25 change”.
However, the finance ministry is still thinking of supplying state coffers, this time looking for money directly from consumers of beer and alcoholic beverages. Admittedly, the 2022 finance bill provides, in one of its articles, for a rise in the prices of alcoholic beverages. Article 53 suggests the expansion of the scope of application of the value-added tax and the decline of the tax residues emanating from the exemption to this type of product.
A measure with nearly no effect on budgetary resources. If this provision will be applied, it is the 6th increase in alcohol prices in Tunisia since 2011. The last date to January 2021 knowing that a new tax has been introduced, as such, at the level of the 2021 finance law. 


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