Tunisia- Abdelakrim Harouni condemns “singular and extremist” interpretations of the constitutional text

Ennahdha MP  Abdelkarim Harouni affirmed that the Islamist party does not seek to take advantage of loopholes in the constitution to evade its rules and interpret them for its own interests, subtly accusing Kais Saied of his endless search for loopholes in the constitutional text.
According to him, Although Article 97 of the constitution presents parliament the right to make a motion of censure against the government, and the ruling party the right to select the new prime minister, the party has chosen another solution which is to go to the streets.
Harouni asserted that it would not make sense for parliament to remove confidence from the prime minister it has just trusted, he, argued that the constitution should not be a method of justifying plots. On the contrary, the constitution is there to avoid conspiracies as well as the singular, biased and extremist interpretations of legal texts, he added.
He recalled that former prime minister Elyes Fakhfaekh resigned before the parliament could withdraw its confidence so that the President of the Republic has the power to appoint his successor, concluding that this could happen again if the Parliament plans to withdraw confidence from Mechichi.

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