Tunisia-Abdelhamid Jelassi:Hichem Mechichi choose to pass forcibly

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Former member of Ennahdha movement, Abdelhamid Jelassi, said that the steps taken by the  Hichem Mechichi, in the consultations to form the government are flawed and inappropriate, stating that he seeks the passage in force in the Parliament.

Abdelhamid Jelassi indicated that Hichem Mechichi’s contacts with national organizations and personalities before the parties were unreasonable, continuing: “Mechichi chose the method of forcible passage”.

Jelassi believes that the Mechichi government, which will be independent, will either obtain a passage in Parliament for fear of dissolving Parliament, in which case it will be doomed to virtual failure in the short term or that it will not obtain the number of votes required (at least 109 votes) then the country will, therefore, find itself facing early elections in disorder.

Jelassi called on Mechichi to pull himself together and rationalize during the remaining days of the month’s deadline to officially announce the makeup of his government.

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