Tunisia-Abdellatif Aloui to Kaïs Saïed: Give me back my books that I gave you

Al Karama MP Abdellatif Aloui published an open letter to the President of the Republic  Kais Saied this morning of Wednesday, August 4, 2021, requesting him to return the books and collections he gave him.

“I know history can make you laugh and you can think of it as daring or heavy humour, however, I’m extremely serious Mr. President, give me back my books! When a poet gives you his works, he offers you his heart and I desire to take back my heart. There is nothing worse than putting the core of his soul and life in the hands of someone who does not view them at their fair value, does not respect them and does not deserve them ”, wrote Mr. Aloui.

The deputy reminds Kaïs Saïed how he cried for happiness on the day of his presidential victory and how his home was invaded last weekend by the police who sowed terror, during his absence, with his daughters and little cats.

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