Tunisia-Abdellatif Mekki: Only security forces can intervene on the ground

Member of Ennahdha executive board Abdellatif Mekki and vice-president in charge of relations with national bodies has responded to recent statements made by head of the Shura council Abdelkarim Harouni, indeed Mekki, for his part deemed that only the security forces are authorized  to intervene on the ground to safeguard  public property and bring order.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, January 21, 2021, Mekki said: “In all clarity, Ennahdha movement recognizes the right to demonstrate and protest peacefully … It is one of the pillars of democracy and will never be the topic of dispute, hesitation or questioning “.

“On the other hand, the party backs state apparatuses that implement  the law against those who break it. This support is dictated by the national duty of everyone, including peaceful protesters. The field, the attendance  and the implementation can only be those of the State organs, with no other partner than the private and legal security companies which are part of the security fabric ”


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