Tunisia – Abir Moussi assault is linked to the case of Judge Bechir Akremi?

Former magistrate and presidential nominee, Kaltoum Kannou, questioned on Tuesday whether the brutal aggression perpetrated by deputy Sahbi Smara against his colleague PDL leader Abir Moussi, would not have connections with the file unveiled by the martyrs’ defence committee, concerning the supervision of former public prosecutor of the court of Tunis, Bechi Akremi, known for his closeness to the Islamists of Ennahdha of the files of political assassinations of the secret device of Ennahdha and many other that he would have, according to the file exposed this morning, overlooked and classified without follow-up.

Kalthoum Kannou alludes to the point that Sahbi Smara would have been sent by Ennahdha to perpetuate this aggression against Abir Moussi, just to create a detour, and to avert the attention of the observers on the burning file of Akremi who was in the process of being revealed to the general public and to the press.

Kalthoum Kannou is, presumably, not the only person who believes in this aggression in this way, since many observers share the same opinion and believe that distraught leaders of Ennahdha had to instantly find a henchman within the parliament to commit this aggression-diversions.

Furthermore, the observers who are of this opinion, think that the choice, even, of Sahbi Smara is an attestation of this thesis since the deputy has been kept, for years, under the pressure of the threat of the Islamists who hold him to because of the existence of legal files against him, with, even, convictions.

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