Tunisia-Ahmed Néjib Chebbi:Mechichi government has lost control over handling the COVID-19 crisis

Former President of the Democratic Movement Ahmed Néjib Chabbi declared the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus had gone out of hand by the head of government, stating: “It seems that things have overtaken Mechichi in relation to the management of the COVID -19 crisis ”.

In Chabbi criticized what he claimed to be the attempts of the president of the Ennahdha movement, Rached Ghannouchi, to go beyond and dispute the President of the Republic for his powers, saying: “Ghannouchi tried to get his hands on the presidency of the Republic… and the government of Fakhfakh, and now there is news confirming that he is seeking to adopt the government and control the nominations ”.

He added that “another constant thing for the Ennahdha movement is being able to control the state apparatus … Ennahdha belongs to a regional extension which is closer to the sect.”

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