Tunisia- Al Watania asks not to involve security and military institutions in political disputes

The parliamentary group “Al Watania” strongly condemned the action of Al Karama group President Seifeddine Makhlouf towards the presidential security officers within the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and declared complete solidarity with the security institution in general.

“Al Watania” group called on all parties to uphold the role of the security institution, back its efforts and fortify its neutrality and independence.”Al Watania pressed all parties not to involve the security and military institutions in political conflicts.

It pointed out the historical role of the military institution and its numerous sacrifices in its battle against terrorist groups and its defence of the party.

“Al Watania” reaffirmed its full support for the military institution, pushing all parties to present it with the appropriate environment to fulfil its mission and counter the repeated attempts by terrorist groups to infiltrate the Tunisian territory.

The group called on citizens and civil organisations to preserve the achievements of the state and to fight against the enemies of the homeland.

It further stated the right to protest and peaceful expression to demand employment and development, while calling on the government to interact positively with the demands of the protesters on the basis of a development programme capable of solving the citizens’ economic and social problems.

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