Tunisia-Amen Allah Messaâdi: Fourth COVID wave has begun

Member of the scientific committee for the fight against the Coronavirus Amen Allah Messaâdi addressed the progression of the epidemiological situation in Tunisia and in particular in Kairouan where targeted lockdown was decreed to slow down the spread of the virus.

Remarking that the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the nation was the result of the relaxation observed during Eid al Fitr, Mr Messaâdi said that the fourth wave of the epidemic has already begun.

Speaking to Shems FM, he emphasised that the current situation was expected, revealing that the contaminations curve had started to rise towards the conclusion of May, 15 to 14 days after the celebration of Eid.

Prof. Messaâdi, in this sense, pointed out the neglect of citizens and the inability of the administration to implement the measures announced, recalling that the Scientific Committee had requested general lockdown during Eid.

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