Tunisia-Attayar holds Ennahdha responsible for the situation in Tunisia

The Attayar Party National Council has revealed concern at the declining political, economic, social and health crisis in a way that imperils the state and its people. Attayar announced that arbitrary and lobbies-driven political decisions have led to the paralysis of the state and its institutions. It further emphasised the importance of continuing the peaceful political struggle in order to finish the revolutionary process and the establishment of the foundations of a democratic system. Therefore, the national party council announced that it: 
  • Supports the demonstrations of July 25, 2021, the social movement that preceded it, and calls for the salvation of the country. –
  • Holds the parties in power, and essentially the Ennahdha Movement, which has rejected any attempt at reform and has hampered the battle against corruption, is responsible for the deterioration of the situation in the country. 
  • Understands the necessity for exceptional measures taken by the President of the Republic, given the dangers facing the country, the situation of political deadlock and the worsening of the economic, social and health crisis. 
  • Emphasizes the need to accompany the exceptional measures announced on July 25, 2021 with guarantees directed at protecting rights and freedoms and preserving constitutional and democratic gains.
  • Demands from the President of the Republic a roadmap ensuring a return to the normal constitutional situation, including measures to improve the political picture and to appoint a competent and honest head of government. 
  • Adhere to the need to engage in a battle against corruption in all sectors, on the basis of judicial reports, in particular those issued by the Court of Auditors.

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