Tunisia-[Audio ] Imed Ben Halima:Conflict of interest is apparent and the PM has violated the law

Imed Ben Halima:Conflict of interest is apparent and the PM has violated the law" ]

Lawyer and political activist Imed Ben Halima stated that the conflict of interest is apparent and that the prime minister has violated the law.

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, Ben Halima affirmed that Fakhfakh indeed did declare his assets to the INLUCC, however that was not the case for interests.

The lawyer further asserted that the state submitted $ 20 billion to Fakhfekh company so that it could buy the equipment to settle the project, while the state does not fund the companies to buy the equipment.

Ben Halima has indicated that the terms for this market were made “to measure”.

On the other hand, he stressed the fact that the prime minister divided the Ministry of Environment into two departments and consequently designated the former Secretary of State for Environment in Chahed cabinet, as the head of the current ministry.

The political activist estimated that the parliamentary committees are made to make files and/or to blackmail, evoking that the commission in charge of this affair is composed of Qalb Tounes as well as El Karama the coalition and that at the same time he Ennahdha desires to widen the political belt by integrating Qalb Tounes in the ruling coalition. All of this, he says, proves that the case was closed in advance.

Ben Halima also recalled that the minister of State in charge of the Civil Service, Governance and the Fight against Corruption Mohamed Abbou
had taken a stand which indicated that he supported Fakhfekh.


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