Tunisia-[Audio] -Protest in Sbeitla following the death of a man whose kiosk was demolished by the municipality

-Protest in Sbeitla following the death of a man whose kiosk was demolished by the municipality" ]

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, civil society activist Mahamed Znaidi revealed that military units have scattered to protect public institutions after today incident that claimed the life of a 52-year-old man who died under the rubble of a Kiosk. Our speaker affirmed that tensions are rising between protesters who are using rocks on one hand and security forces who are using tear gas on the other hand in the aftermath of the tragedy. The fire was set into a car municipality, a tractor in addition to breaking into spaces by protestors who used.

The issue lies mainly in parties throwing the blames on each other, Mr Znaidi said adding that Subaytilah woke up not knowing how it happened as it occurred late at night.” We not against demolishing these kiosks which are illegal, however, citizens were informed of demolishing decision but they reject it, They are common people who want to earn a living “, he added.

According to what is circulating and the deceased family, Mr Znaidi said that owners of these kiosks when hearing of the decision, they decided to guard late at night to oppose the ruling. The deceased ‘son is the owner of the demolished Kiosk, the latter is a worker in Subaytilah municipality, the son went home and his father stayed as demolition team were late, our talker said, adding that the man overslept when teams came in and demolished the kiosk.

He concluded by saying”it Tragedy, the one responsible needs to take responsibility for what happened”.

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