Tunisia- [Audio] Sahbi Ben Fraj:Painful prospective actions that may lead to 25% of wage reduction and the layoffs of workers

Former MP and political activist Sahbi Ben Fraj indicated that news on the existence of a dispute between PM Elyes Fakhfakh Ministers, in particular, Mohamed Abou and Anouar Maarouf is something to be expected since the beginning of consultations.

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, he exclaimed that knowing  Ennahdha movement, they will surely re-use the disagreement card as it is not probable for them to pardon anyone that disagreed with the party on any matter.

Our guest speaker asserted that the war between Ennahdha  People’s Movement and the democratic current or Ennahdha and Tahya Tounes will return to the scene again, emphasising that the situation in Tunisia doesn’t bode well, especially with the coronavirus pandemic.

In the same context, Ben Faraj declared that future frightening reductions due to this crisis will not be limited to cutting a day off but it will possibly extend to a 20 or 25% wage deduction or even laying off employees and workers.

In order to overcome the current crises, there is a need to a unified government, a factor that doesn’t exist currently with a government divided into three or four directions in addition, to the lack of coordination between the three presidencies, he added.



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