Tunisia-[Audio]Ahmed Nejib Chebbi calls for a government of national salvation

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique,Al Amal leader Ahmed Nejib Chebbi affirmed that article 80 of the constitution does not permit President Kais Saied to make such decisions. Kais Saied does not have the right to dissolve the government or the Parliament, even if that government is failing and need to go.

“The President of the Republic does not have the right to build a government without consulting with the other parties,” he added. The prime minister must demonstrate competence in order to save the country from the crisis”.

He pointed out that 30 days would not be sufficient for Kais Saied to succeed in finishing the decisions that were made on July 25. Ahmed Nejib Chebbi likewise called for the necessity to set up a national salvation government as soon as possible.

The government must be led by a confident and competent person. He moreover indicated that it was necessary to return to electoral legitimacy and organize early elections. The Head of State must negotiate with everyone before deciding any decision concerning the stability of the country.

“The legitimacy of the political class before July 25 is no longer the same, which entails putting in place a clear roadmap before returning to electoral legitimacy,” he said.

Moreover Ahmed Nejib Chebbi did not conceal his fear regarding the decisions taken by Kais Saied.

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