Tunisia-[Audio]Ahmed Nejib Chebbi: Kais Saied employs state resources to inflict his own project

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, leader of the political organ of the Al Amal party Ahmed Nejib Chebbi expressed shock at the speech of President Kais Saied on the sidelines of the National Security Council meeting.

” I was astonished!” he said, expressing his surprise at the remarks made by the Head of State in the presence of several competent attorneys. “Saied manipulated his legality to undermine legitimacy,” adds Chebbi, demonstrating that legality is the president’s personal project while legitimacy represents the Constitution.

Ahmed Nejib Chebbi likewise said that Saied desires to carry out a coup against the Constitution which made him come to power in a tyrannical fashion without consulting the people.

“This breach of legitimacy will additionally worsen the socio-economic crisis in the country. Nevertheless, his project lacks horizons and its unavoidable end would certainly fail, ”he said.

To overcome the current crisis,  Chebbi called for holding a referendum, making legal reforms in cooperation with all parties concerned and holding early elections. “Saied does not attend to anyone internally or externally and employs the means of the state to impose his own project. He, therefore, declines to deal with foreign parties including rating agencies. Regardless, socio-economic failures do not justify the establishment of a dictatorial regime sought at destroying democracy, ”added Chebbi, calling Saied a fanatic.

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