Tunisia-(Audio)Mohamed Bouanane:Mills are the primary reason for bread shortage

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, the president of the Chamber of Bakeries Mohamed Bouanene revealed that the delay in the distribution of soft wheat to mills last week disrupted wheat grain milling processes. He clarified that the mills are behind the shortage of bread, indicating that the State, as well as the chamber of bakeries, have no relationship with this crisis.

According to him, some bakeries have been capable to continue their activity despite the decreased quantity of soft wheat, while other bakeries have closed their doors altogether. Bouanane recollected that, according to the law, it is necessary to supply the mills with a stock of wheat that could cover the quantity of bread required for 3 days and this, during the first days of each month.

The speaker informed that some bakeries did not respect this principle, for which they were unable to work normally. Ensuring that the mills started to distribute soft wheat from yesterday afternoon, he reassured about the availability of bread in bakeries in the face of its unavailability in traders.

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