Tunisia-Barometer of political distancing: 68% of Tunisians feel distant from political parties

Tunis Survey, a leading expert in online surveys and digital studies, has just issued the results of its political distance barometer.

Political distancing is described by Tunis Survey as ” A Membership that has yet to established or a choice that has yet to be determined regarding an existing political party. It makes it possible to be concluded following the degree of significance, proximity or the distance of citizens/voters that is correlated to parties in the Tunisian political scene “.

This barometer is based on several waves of self-administered online surveys.

A month after the sixth wave, the 7th wave, which stopped on July 3, 2020, revealed a widening in the gap between the Tunisian and politics even more.

Answering the question “Which political party are you closest to?”, It appears that 68% of respondents are not close to any political party. Remembering that they were 67% during the 6th wave of the barometer.

With a trend that continues, it has become apparent that voters are more distancing themselves from the Tunisian political scene. It is true that the latter proceeds to take an unimaginable turn with turbulence in inter but additionally in intra-political parties.

The events of the past few days will no doubt have an influence on the attitudes of voters towards political parties. Figures that Tunis Survey will soon uncover during the next wave of its political distancing barometer.

The full analysis can be commanded at www.tunisia-survey.com.

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