Tunisia-Bassem Ennaifer: examination of the Tunisian file by the IMF is dependent on these two laws (audio))

‘Financial analyst, Bassem Ennaifer considered that the governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia, Marouane Abbasi, had formerly clarified the reasons for the postponement of examination of the Tunisian file by the International Monetary Fund since he indicated that it is Mostly represented in the absence of 3 fundamental laws.

In a declaration made, today to Tunisie Numérique, he stated that these laws are represented in the 2032 finance law, the law on contributions to public establishments and the law on combinable interest rates.

Ennaifer likewise explained that these two laws are crucial to obtain the final approval of the management of the International Monetary Fund and approve a specific date for the examination of the Tunisian file.

The financial and economic analyst also pointed out that currently, according to the available data, the Tunisian file is not on the table for examination during January, and it could be discussed either in March or in April until the above-mentioned laws are promulgated.

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