Tunisia-Central Pharmacy asks Tunisians not to purchase medical masks without a legitimate reason

The Central Pharmacy and private pharmacies have agreed to sensitize citizens not to acquire medical masks without good reason, to avoid any possible disruption in supply, said Sunday CEO of the Central Pharmacy, khelil Ammous.

The Central Pharmacy has a strategic stock of medical masks acquired almost a month ago, he said, noting a drop in demand for the material after a peak in demand in the last two weeks.

A wave of panic and psychosis triggered by the spread of the Coronavirus in more than one country has led to an unprecedented increase in demand for medical masks that are used to coat only those infected with the virus.

The importation of the medical masks bibs was limited to the private sector, he said, noting that the recent intervention of the Central Pharmacy in the establishment of a strategic stockpile is part of its regulatory role to ensure regularity of supply.

The medical masks consist of two types: the first are dedicated to doctors and staff of hospitals, polyclinics and pharmacies, while the second are caonsecrated to citizens, he said. The central medicines office in Tunisia has reassured pharmacists about the availability of a strategic stock of medical masks, he said.

In addition, following the disruption in the distribution of medical masks and the increase in their prices, the Tunisian Union of Private Pharmacists had considered that the pharmacist “is the last link in the distribution chain and is not responsible for this disruption”.

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