Tunisia-Charfeddine blasts the hope of “enforced disappearance” group and dot the i’s

The major plus that brought, this evening, the Minister of the Interior, Taoufik Charfeddine, will have been to disclose the truth of some individuals who claim to be from the political milieu, and show themselves as the rescuers of the Tunisian people but in reality, they abused them and their property, for ten years, and who paid themselves an immunity at every ordeal by putting their hands on the cogs of the State, and in particular, justice.

Tonight and for the first time, a state official uncovers what everyone presumed surreptitiously, without having the slightest evidence. What left these pseudo-politicians, continue their game with immunity. And tonight, Charfeddine has uncovered the truth of these people’s involvement in terrorism on a frightening scale.

The scandal disclosed this evening by Charfeddine will indeed have the effect of a bomb. He divulged that senior state officials, ministers, among others, have taken advantage of their posts to get entangled in the international terrorist nebula, aiding these terrorist organizations, giving them a legal cover, and manufacturing identities and a new nationality.
A state scandal in which senior officials surrender themselves, with impunity and by grabbing the services of the state, in international terrorism, and by capturing, in the process, the pecuniary advantages that one imagines. Charfeddine had the merit of disclosing all this to the whole world.

But not only! He has shifted his back to the Tunisian judiciary, which has long been doubted of being used by these dubious traffickers. He gave a live challenge to the prosecution to respond to this file, knowing that it is understood that this file of false papers will have a remarkable fallout on the great leaders of Enanhdha.

In other words, this issue will be “THE” claim of the Tunisian people and of everyone who is engaged in the war against terrorism and terrorists of all sorts. And it’s a secure bet that the people will not let go of the case anytime soon so that justice will be compelled to take the essential measures on this hot file.

Because just peeking at the way Ennahdha responded to the affair, you realize that they understood that it was too grave and that they were going to have to go on the counterattack. Otherwise, how can we explain that Bhiri, who is an attorney by profession, did not appeal to administrative justice to “remove the injustice to which he is the object” as had done, and succeeded, before? him, other lawyers who had been under house arrest?

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