Tunisia-Commemoration of the martyrdom of 6 National Guard heroes in Sidi Bouzid

Today, Friday, October 23, 2020, commemorates eight years since the martyrdom of six National Guard heroes during clashes and exchanges of fire with a terrorist group in 2013, the clashes resulted in the death of two members of the terrorist group and the injury of 5 others.

On that day, six members of Tunisia’s National Guard martyred in clashes during a raid by security forces in the southern town of Sidi Bouzid. The fighting broke out when the National Guard tried to raid a house in the locality of Sidi Ali Ben Aoun where the gunmen were hiding.

After this cowardly operation, national mourning for a period of three days was announced on the martyrs of the homeland, namely Captain Imad Al-Hizi, Lieutenant Socrat Cherni, Agent Al-Taher Al-Shabi, Agent Anis Al-Salihin, Corporal Muhammad Al-Marzouki, and Corporal Reda Manasri.

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