Tunisia-Coronavirus: Situation is severe,Recommendations of scientific commission

The COVID Scientific Commission has finished its periodical meeting.

The committee remarked the gravity of the epidemiological situation. Not so much because of the numbers of new cases and deaths, but because the nation has passed into stage four of the pandemic, with a real risk of collapse of the health system, the latter become unable to react to the situation and to care for the sick.

This collapse will be due to the saturation of care services and particularly ICU beds and artificial respirators, however also, to the exhaustion and collapse of health personnel who work understaffed, due to, notably the number of infection among professionals and the fatigue of the health workers who have been racing time against the virus for a year.

In view of this remarkably serious situation, the scientific committee has developed a set of recommendations which will be dealt with by the national commission. Recommendations which cannot be published, for the moment, pending their validation by the national committee.

We already know that among these suggestions, there will be restrictions on travel and communication only within the family.

The committee emphasises the imperative necessity to implement and assure compliance with the measures decided by the government. Because the seriousness lies in the fact of making decisions and not having them respected

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