Tunisia- Ennadha Movement accused of being behind Paris attack: Noureddine Bhiri condemns

Ennadha MP Noureddine Bhiri condemned the joint statement released yesterday by a group of organizations, associations and unions, calling it “shameful”.

This is a declaration signed by several components of civil society, accusing the Ennahdha Party and the Al Karama coalition of carrying hate speech and being indirectly behind the recent attack in Paris.

The deputy concluded that the signatories of the press release are simply replicating the accusations already launched by the PDL, adding that such accusations demonstrate the non-neutrality of their authors and their desire to “unite forces against Tunisia and the Tunisian administration for a few days. before the programmed negotiation session with the IMF ”.

He similarly hinted that the press release was a call for a coup d’état and that it reflected a desire to involve the military institution in political conflicts.

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