Tunisia-EU deputy criticizes the interference in Tunisia’s affairs

Thierry Mariani, French deputy in the European Parliament elected on the list of the National Rally of Marine Le Pen criticized the treatment of the European Union of the Tunisian file since Kaïs Saïed has headed the country and his try to restore political stability in Tunisia.

“By dint of hearing these arguments in emergency on human rights and the Mediterranean world, I ask myself a question: is there a preferential option here for the Muslim Brotherhood in the European Parliament? We are in the right to ask the question given the declarations today of the EU and so-called human rights associations concerning Tunisia, as was the case yesterday with Egypt “.

“When this nation was led by the Muslim Brotherhood of Ennahdha, under the infusion of Western money, we saw nothing to complain about (…) Fortunately, the Tunisian people were brave and said Stop to the regression of their manners and  finances (…) President Saïed arrived. He arrived with incredibly important popular support. He attempts to restore political and presidential authority. He attempts to reconnect from Tunis with international financial institutions. He likewise tries to restore certain political stability “.

“What is Tunisia suffering today? First, from a complicated neighbourhood, then, from an inflationary situation. For the Tunisian people, the priority is to live rather than survive. While Tunisia has just completed an agreement with the IMF, we should rather reflect by its side on the way of collaborating in order to boost regional cooperation in the Mediterranean. This is our interest in the migration plan. It is an interest in the security plan. It is our geopolitical interest as long as cultural ties with this country are powerful”.

“We require a strong Maghreb capable of offering economic chances to its children, battling Islamists and participating in the balance of this whole region of Africa (…) since 2019, president Saïed tries to strengthen the State, a critical condition for Tunisia to regain its regional and international scope. (…) I do not think that multiplying interference to force it to follow certain recipes which have systematically failed since 2011, i.e. a good thing”.

“Dear colleagues, for you, Tunisia is in front of Europe (…) for us, it is with Europe, in a shared interest in our common good: the Mediterranean”, he concluded.

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