Tunisia-Ezzeddine Saïdane: The indirect repercussions of the strike weigh heavily [Audio]


Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Economist Ezzeddine Saïdane confirmed that there is no way to determine the financial repercussions of the public sector general strike. He revealed that the direct repercussions are not massive. “The most dangerous thing is rather the indirect repercussions. For example, the decision to halt flights which could damage the image of Tunisia. He also pointed to the damage of the strike on the tourism level.

Our speaker said that the demonstration movement of the UGTT could have repercussions on the state of progress of the discussions with the IMF and the investment projects.
According to him, the dispute between the government and the UGTT will likewise impact Tunisia’s relations with international creditors in addition to the indirect repercussions of this strike weighing heavily.





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