Tunisia-filling rate of dams reaches 28.9%

The level of filling of the dams at the national level attained 28.9%, during the period from September 1, 2022, to January 24, 2023, according to the monthly note “the figures of the month” issued this Friday by the Observatory National Agriculture (ONAGRI).

Therefore, the overall stock of the dams reached 671.4 million cubic meters, against 1142.1 million cubic meters, during the same period of the past year, a drop of 41.2%.

According to the ONAGRI, the water reserves in the dams are spread between the North, with a rate of 89.9%, the centre with a rate of 8.7% and the CAP good with a rate of 1.4%

The Moula, Barbara and Kamkoum dams carried out an assessed filling rate at 99.6%, 90.2%and 94%respectively.

Concerning water intake in the dams, they reached about 172.2 million cubic meters, until January 24, against 781.6 million cubic meters, during the same period of the past year, a significant drop indicates the observatory.

With regard to the rainfall situation, the ONAGRI estimates that the quantities of rain registered, until January 24, which amount to 41.3 mm, remain “weak” compared to the same period of the year last.

The rainfall deficit oscillated between 44% for the northwest regions and 84% for the southern regions.

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