Tunisia: Finally… Kaïs Saïed has just unveiled, in half words, his roadmap

For many Tunisians, Kais Saied media appearance in Sidi Bouzid will have been like the earlier ones. Or an umpteenth exit for nothing. Nevertheless, to examine his discourse, we realize that, this time, he drew and began firing live ammunition and he chose, for the symbolism, to do it in Sidi Bouzid the stronghold and cradle of the Tunisian revolution.

Did he not declare that the true revolution started on December 17, 2010, and that January 14, 2011, was the date of the abortion of this revolution? Indeed, Kaïs Saïed was unlike his other media outings, more eloquent than ever. He ultimately began to detail his project and his long-awaited roadmap. He surely announced it in half-words. But in a very explicit way to those who pay attention to the words and their alignment.

You should understand that, since he received, in Carthage, the experts in constitutional law, a few days ago, they sat down, at his call, on how to prepare the magic recipe which would make it possible to “correct »The constitution, without going beyond it and for this feat, he wanted the experts he summoned. And these experts have, according to what Tunisia Numerique sources reported, succeeded, to finalize the formula to implement the president’s plan, without going beyond the constitution.

First, with regard to the government, it became apparent that Kaïs Saïed sees no urgency in this issue, and that on the contrary, he estimates that since the dissolution of Mechichi’s cabinet, certain departments have become more effective and are working at a faster pace than before. For Kaïs Saïed, the establishment of the government will have to wait for the setting of the policy that it will have to adopt then it became clear that he has decided to lengthen the state of emergency he has established since July 25, until further notice.

He further intends to put in place transitional provisions regulating the organization of powers, to replace some obsolete articles of the constitution, as he has ruled out any likelihood of the return of parliament in its last form. He will examine the constitution, in part, while maintaining everything related to rights and freedoms, so as to make the text coincide with the expectations of the people, as he will modify the electoral law.

It seems, consequently, that, this time, the president is saving his roadmap, and all that remains is its implementation which should, according to his statements, be delayed! All the same, it is deplored that he has constantly presented no deadline or date for this roadmap, as he has skipped the essential part of the economy, which is the most urgent part in this whole story!

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