Tunisia-FM Noureddine Erray urges MPs not to get involved in bidding or interfere in “the affairs of other institutions

Foreign Minister Noureddine Erray maintained that preserving Tunisia’s interests is a difficult job and there are laws for diplomacy.
Addressing the Committee on Rights, Liberties and External Relations at the House of People’s Representatives (ARP), Erray asked deputies not to get entangled in bidding or meddle in the affairs of other institutions.
Tunisian diplomacy requires to hold on the principles of complementarity and coordination between all State institutions, he added.
Erray further told Tunisia’s foreign policy needs domestic solidarity at home, adding that “incorrect” information prevents the implementation of expected strategic reformations.
He further condemned the absence of a national strategy on Tunisian expatriates. “The State has no definite plans and strategies in a broad range of sectors,” he said.
Commenting on the repatriation of stranded Tunisians, he said that limited resources and financial constraints caused the delay in evacuations. Yet, the speed of repatriation flights progressed throughout the coronavirus crisis.

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