Tunisia-Ghazi Chaouachi: Kais Saied’s political regime is royalty

In an interview on national radio, the secretary-general of the Democratic Current Ghazi Chaouachi disclosed that the President of the Republic Kais Saied has exacerbated the political, financial and socio-economic situation in the nation. Chaouachi pointed to the lack of investment and production, the growth in the inflation rate and the country’s inability to keep its commitments to international creditors.

According to him, recourse to the IMF is nearly impossible. “The foreign parties reject Kais Saied’s approach. Even internally, protests and press releases have been documented in protest against the measures put in place since July 25,” he said, qualifying the political regime established in the country as royalty.

The politician has made it known that members of the administration are enforcement agents attempting to enforce Saied’s political regime. The speaker stated that the Head of State is called upon to organize a national rescue dialogue with the participation of all the different parties with the purpose of developing a roadmap for the coming period.

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