Tunisia-Governor Habib Chouat: Medenine’s security is a priority and no one can bid on my humanitarian work


According to our regional correspondent, the recent crises that involve 75 migrants stranded in the southern Tunisian port of Zarzis, might be winding down soon.

In an interview to “Tunisie Numerique,” Medenine’s governor Habib Chouat urged ambassadors of the concerned countries to examine the migrants ‘ cases, in order for them to be deported.

Mr Choaut stressed that no one can bid on the governors humanity as Medenine has harbored and sheltered at least750 illegal immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. All of them are residing in Medenineine and Zarzis with appropriate given healthcare and accommodations.

Governor Choaut added that Medenine‘ shelter capacity is coming to its limit and there is a need to lessen the burden. Medenine receives weekly at least 60 to 70 people coming from Libya across the land border.

Departing from Zuwara in western Libya, The migrants were adrift in international waters in a boat, when an Egyptian tug boat rescued them.


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