Tunisia-Hamma Hammami: Saïed is a fascist disciple of Hitler and Mussolini

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique,Hamma Hammami said that what Kaïs Saïed did on July 25 has nothing to do with article 80 of the constitution. He revealed that this article does not permit the dissolution of parliament. Still, Kaïs Saïed used Article 80 as an introduction to his plan for a putsch. He evoked that on July 25, Kaïs Saïed seized all powers, including justice, for, seemingly, a period of one month. Nevertheless, now, and two months later, there is nothing, neither government, nor program, nor visibility… Kaïs Saïed has locked himself in total silence since he does not even communicate with the parties.

He said that he since he suspended the constitution because what he said was a new organization of powers, which gave him all the powers so that he became the sole legislator in the country, adding that he gave himself constitutional power since he decided to prepare the new constitution.

Hamma called Kaïs Saïed a disciple of Hitler and Mussolini and of the fascist school. He assured that we are in the presence of a dictator who operated a counter-revolution. Hamma added that the confidence of the people that Kaïs Saïed claims to enjoy, comes only from the disappointment of the political class of the last decade.

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