Tunisia-Harouni to Saied: who doesn’t support a legitimate government is with coup perpetrators

The chairperson of the Shura Council of Ennahda Movement, Abdelkarim Harouni said that President Kais Siaed comments on France24 have invoked waves of official dissatisfaction inside Libya.

He pointed out that Ennahda movement was shocked by these statements that separated itself from the official Tunisian position, which is committed to supporting legitimacy and rejecting any foreign interference in Libya.

He urged the President of the Republic to execute his role in order to repair the corrupt relationships with ” Libya’s  legitimate leaders   and to return to the original position of the Tunisian state which supports legitimacy and the Libyan political solution.”

Directing his words to the President of the Republic he said “Libya is not Afghanistan … We are in a democratic country that has significant external relationships that need to be protected.” adding that it’s not in the country interest to have strained ties with countries that support the democratic experience in Tunisia. Accordingly,  the President of the Republic should head toward the  Parliament to explain the parameters of foreign policy through a dialogue with the House speaker.

In a related context, he said that he is not asking an apology from the President over the statements he made, but rather a clarification to the foreign policy of Tunisia in harmony with state institutions.

“Whoever does not support a legitimate government that is recognized by the world has decided to stand with people who loved to turn their back against a legitimate government and chose to control Tripoli with weapons.”, he added.

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