Tunisia-Hechmi Louzir: All solutions are possible to limit spread of COVID-19, including return of Lockdown

The director-general of the Institut Pasteur and member of the scientific committee against COVID-19 Hechmi Louzir weighted on the possibility to return to lockdown if the pandemic continues its spread .”Everything is possible to limit the spread of the epidemic”, Mr Louzir told Shems FM.
“All proposals must be examined in accordance with the evolution of the epidemiological situation, there is nothing excluded even though all countries of the world have not imposed a lockdown again”, he added.

“We, as a health worker and a Ministry of Health, may recommend that to the government according to the evaluation and the necessary measures and the development of the epidemiological situation. The last word will be for the presidency of the government that takes into account several sectors, “he concluded.

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