Tunisia-Hichem Ajbouni: Mohamed Ghariani’s advice is starting to bear fruit

Democrtaic bloc MP Hichem Ajbouni expressed his stance concerning the statement made by Abdelkarim Harouni, chairmanof Ennahda Choura council in which he reportedly showed that his party called on “Its children to aid the police and protect public institutions to deal with violence ”.

Ajbouni called Harouni’s remarks “dangerous”. “I will forward a written question to the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Local Affairs about this dangerous statement,” he wrote on Facebook.

He emphasized a post published by the Menzel Kamel commune’s Facebook page “revealing his thanks to the Nahdhaoui militias who secure the safety of citizens.”

“Ennahdha’s militias have previously started to carry out what the head of the Shura Council Abdel Karim Harouni said,” Ajbouni added, indicating that the signature of Rached Ghannouchi’s new adviser, Mohamed Ghariani is apparent.

“Ghariani’s advice is bearing fruit, he briefed them of his experience and advised them to use the tyranny he was waging against the demonstrators and those who at the time called for the fall of the Ben Ali regime” , he noted

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