Tunisia-Imad Ben Halima: Hamma Hammami must be excluded to ensure the unity called for by Chokri Belaïd

In a statement to “Tunisie Numérique” attorney and politician Imad Ben Halima commented on the recent crisis experienced by the Popular Front party that witnessed the resignation of nine deputies. The mass resignation might lead to the possible breakdown and loss of the party’s parliamentary blocs. Addressing the dispute Ben Halima stated: That the Democratic Patriots’ Unified Party nominee Mongi Rahoui, wasn’t accepted by Hamma Hammami loyalist. Who considers the latter the legitimate heir for the Left Movement. Furthermore, he pointed out that the fragmentation of the Popular Front will only serve the newly established union between Tahya Tounes and Ennahdha.”

He further stressed the necessity to remove Hamma Hammami to ensure the unity called for by the martyr Chokri Belaïd. He added that Hamami has no political future and shall not progress further. Explaining that the Democratic Patriots’ Unified Party disengaged himself from the Popular Front,  by creating the issue of Mongi Rahoui

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